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Indigo Renee and Indigo Edwin

Ally Alexandria


(21 January 2015)

Indigo Sphynx doesn’t pursue quantity over quality, Iloona as Indigo sphynx provides the best care for sphynx from diet and living atmosphere. I have been to her home and it is filled with love along with a special section just for sphynx as they are able to roam in her home. Ilona is a breeder that will definitely be available to you for all concerns and growth of your sphynx every step of the way. Ilona has been there since day one with my piglet via phone, email, and Facebook. Currently in process of adopting another sphynx from her this very moment, another boy. My boy piglet is so intelligent and was potty trained on the toilet with patience and practice easily. Piglet is healthy and solid. My new baby girl Billie Holiday is amazing….one day I will have three. Clear coat and truly a hairless sphynx. The raw food diet is amazing and so healthy for your sphynx I stuck with it and the food she hand makes from scratch is great THEY LOVE IT!! Ilona will asset you in proper care for your sphynx and she won’t lead you wrong. A pair of sphynx’s is definitely better then 1 alone. You will surely fall in love like never before. It’s a amazing breed you have to experience firsthand. Beware of the diversity of sphynx breeder and choose wisely cause it can be a nightmare dealing with the wrong breeder who cares less about the interest of the sphynx and its “forever home”. This breed is still fairly new and not every breeder has it going on so to speak. Ilona is such a sweet heart a caring and genuine sphynx breeder and you are lucky to have stumbled on her batch of joyous babies. Unlike some sphynx breeders she Ilona ensures quality of coat and health. I only hope you love your new sphynx and join the movement of sphynx owners. Your in good hands. I have never been happier with any breed of animal. Recommend this breeder with the highest regard.

Indigo Lizabeth and Indigo Huston

Lisa Weiser 


(Tuesday, 10 June 2014 03:05)


What you describe is exactly the relationship between my Sphynx and myself and my husband as well. We give in to there every whim or desire. We also have a deep connection with them both and feel that they are our hearts and without them we just couldn't survive. We had spent 12 years loving a Sphynx so deeply that when he left us in May of last year, My husband and I went through a quiet time where we hardly spoke to anyone or each other. It took 4 months for us to be ready to even look for another Sphynx. I found Indigo Sphynx online and from there I found Hairy Winston and a few months later Lucrezia Borgia. Our hearts are once again full of the love only a Sphynx can provide. I wish all the people who contact breeders for a Sphynx would only do so with the best intentions and educate themselves on what it means to have a Sphynx in their lives.

Indigo Sphynx "Brooke"

Sphynx Kitten
Indigo Spnynx Brooke

Stephen and Jean-Marc
Carmel, NY

"Ilona and Indigo Sphynx is a rare and out of the ordinary cattery that's all about the personal experience. It is a small in-the-home operation where kittens are raised in a loving social environment that offers a sane alternative to kitten factory mentality. Her cats are spectacular looking, from
Russian bloodlines, crazy fun and without a hair in sight.
She has an alternative approach to healthcare, feeds all-raw and is very easy going. We recently bought a female "Brooke" runt of the litter, (our 4th Sphynx) and she is smart as a whip, sassy and seems part lemur monkey in nature. She's a magical delight and consider ourselves lucky to have her. We could not be happier and recommend Indigo without reservation.

Indigo Sphynx Diesel

Indigo Sphynx Diesel (Perseus)



(Sunday, 16 December 2012 21:19)

Kelly and I enjoy having him be part of our family and he brings us so much happiness. He is very much a pleasure to be around and has an amazing personality.Perseus is fantastic and in great health. We had him seen by our vet last Wednesday, October 24th. His stool came back negative for anything and I was told he is in great shape.

Indigo Sphynx "Baccardi"

Indigo Sphynx
Indigo Sphynx Baccardi (Mojito)

Bill & Christine,

Syosset, NY

We are thankful to Ilona and Indigo Sphynx for Mojito (Baccardi). He is a healthy and happy member of our family. We had a sphynx before and were devastated when he passed. Within a few months, we
contacted Ilona. As mentioned by another reviewer, Ilona feeds her cats and kittens raw meat. We were new to this approach to feeding, but Ilona was so knowledgable about the breed that we continued
Mojito on that diet. At a year old, he is the picture of health! He loves to play fight, but his favorite past time is sitting on the couch with his face right against ours, cheek to cheek. He has
been a very patient playmate for the twins. He longs to sleep with everyone. He loves to play fetch, catch bugs, and EAT. Any food that is left out for even a second will last be seen going around
the corner in his mouth. It's almost like he has a sense of humor. He's hilarious and we love him! Thanks Ilona!


Indigo Sphynx " Asher"

Sphynx Cat
Indigo Sphynx Asher

Ryan Haggett,


(Wednesday, 22 February 2012 07:43) 

 I dreamed of owning a sphynx for over a decade before visiting Indigo Sphynx, and upon arrival I knew instantly I would be taking home one of Ilona's cats.

The manner with which Ilona treats both client and kitten is fantastic. She is thorough, warm and welcoming, without even a hint of pretension.

My little Fred (Asher) is the highlight of my day and has sold all of my "sphynx-skeptical" friends. He lets children chase him and tug at his tail, rolls around with my friends' dogs and crawls into my arms at night.

The photos on the website are accurate - Ilona's kittens are striking, and after living with my own for the past 5 months I cannot recommend Indigo Sphynx more enthusiastically.


Indigo Sphynx "Brittanie"

Indigo Sphynx Cat
Indigo Sphynx Brittanie

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