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Sphynx Kitten Seal Mink



One of the key features of the Canadian Sphynx is the amazingly social nature of the breed, therefore the following comments between the genders is relative to the already highly social nature of the Indigo Canadian Sphynx.  



To be an Indigo female Sphynx is to be in charge of EVERYONE!!!!!  She is the Queen, the Intellectual Warrior Queen.  She applies this basic principle by making no species exceptions.  She will manage the territories of other individuals and mind-manage you and your activities such folding laundry, cooking dinner, working on the computer, selecting your wardrobe and just about EVERYTHING ELSE!  Be cautious not to confuse this management with the notion of  “hanging out.”  She is of elevated status. Often She will make her status known to you by rearranging your laundry, successfully stealing your steak a la marinade ready for broil and editing your documents. (When you hear the stuttering of your computer—it is just your Queen on your keyboard correcting your syntax and adding repetitive lettering interest.)  Her affection is active as well—it is more than cuddles, it is an depth soul searching conversation of bonding.  However, She will determine the time and place and style of this conversation.  You must read Her body language very carefully to support the determination of her preferences and establishment of love ritual schedules of which you should never miss!  Caution:  Do not think that if you try to wrestle the reins from Her, she will vanish to hide under a bed.  More likely, She will simply become MORE adept in Her creative management of you.  (The term “simply” is used a statement of ease of choice because—There is nothing simple about Her!)



To be an Indigo male Sphynx is to adore EVERYONE!!!!  He forgoes the responsibilities of management to rise as the Boy of Unconditional Love Making.  He is still feline, but He is more physically expressive—affectionately and athletically—and tends to be more vocal. (If He finds himself without you as He wakes, He may send demanding vocalizations as a radar tool out to the universe to determine your geographical position.)  While working on the computer, He will want to sit high in your lap and watch the words travel across the screen and try to capture them with His toes.   Often He is easily distracted and may forget what He was doing…. No matter.  He will just move on to another activity.  He loves to physically engage with his feline cohorts and for no reason will walk up and slap one just to have some physical contact. Quite often you may wake to find Him melting into your chest, purring.  (Of course your Queen is pacing across your stomach insisting you rise and prepare breakfast—a very different approach!)  While Queen is stealing your steak, your Boy is most likely gathered around your feet or standing upright to stretch out tall on your leg to remind you to please not forget Him.  Rather than actively managing your activities, Boy tends to blend himself in and, yes, the Boys like very much to just “hang out.”    

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    trish (Tuesday, 05 January 2016 11:57)

    Hello what is your price for a kitten? Thank you

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    Kathy (Sunday, 26 March 2017 20:57)

    thoroughly enjoyed your article as I have a Male an I just adore him ... all the best to you and your Babies :)

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    emily (Saturday, 20 January 2018)

    I absolutely love cats but i am allergic to them and love to be around them but my health just can't handle it until I was introduced to my friends sphinx cat in Atlanta. I instantly fell in love and wanted to get one but there are no breeders in my area. I was recommended to you but i am from mississippi. I would love to adopt a sphnx cat into a very loving family with 3 children but please just get back to me with what you suggest.

About color Point and Mink

     Almost everyone who has dealt with sphynxes, knows that it is the most loving breed of all. One of sphynx’s special characteristics is that they are hairless. One gets the impression that, together with wool Sphynx has lost much of its feline behavior. I’m a great lover of all cats, but I would just like to emphasize that the Sphynx - this is not just a cat!
     To maintain the genetic pool of the breed sphynx, both Europe and America received a kitten crossed with sphynxes and a Devon Rex. The choice of Devon Rex has been very successful: the type and appearance was the closest to the Sphynx. However, because of such similar blood types, some sphynx cats turned out to be looking more like devons. Those sphynx resemble devons’ thin skin, a bit short bodies, "Devon" small head with round eyes, low set ears, light bones - a clear sign of degeneracy of the breed. One of the characteristic of a new born sphynx is the sign of wrinkled skin that makes them look like little old men. Kittens are still wearing "pajamas bigger", but with age the wrinkles start to disappear, staying, in the best case, on the head.
     Sphynx - is not just a naked cat. Of course, the lack of hair - the very first feature, but not the only one. Morphology, head, eyes and even the character must fulfill some very strict criteria defined by the breed standard. The appearance of a good sphynx is literally magical. It is not only the hairless or large ears. Sphynx has amazing soft contours. In its figure is not a single straight line, they are all rounded, convex, and all forms, however, are fluid and smooth. In this it resembles a Chinese statuette (perhaps so that the second, less well-known name Sphynx - "Moon Cat").
      Another feature inherent in the Sphynx - thick skin, forming wrinkles. Kittens up to one monthare covered in wrinkles. With age, wrinkles remain at the head, neck, slightly to the abdomen and trunk, which gives them a distinctive kind of "old man" look. The more folds preserved in the adult sphynx - the better, and the lack of wrinkles is a vice. The body of the cat of this breed is dense and muscular. They should not be "lean" on the contrary, the stomach is shaped like a pear, giving the impression that the cat had eaten well. Back legs longer than the front, because of which a sphynx is a very peculiar gait. The skin feels like suede - because of its very short-covering gun. Fur is stored on the nose, the back of the ears, and maybe a small amount on the ends of the legs and tail. In addition, the hair on these areas may appear with incorrect feeding, low temperature or hormonal changes during ripening.
      Sphynx Colors are well distinguished by the strong pigmentation of the skin. The most common of them - Tans (bi-colors and three-color, meaning different variants of the basic color with white) and white (with pink coloration sphynxes appear). Very beautiful, as indeed very rare, are colors combined in a group of "Mink". These animals have light skin and beautiful light blue eyes, though not so bright as those familiar blue-eyed Siamese or animals of white color.
       I have already mentioned that the character of a Sphynx cat is not very cat-like. It seems that these cats themselves are good-natured, peace-loving, affectionate to men, often prefer someone from a family , who is not afraid of dogs and other animals, though they have almost no cat instincts, it is easy to learn. We are beholden to their fellow man and are "equally" "human." Communicating with the Sphynx is always a pleasure, perhaps because of the lack of hair creates a feeling of contact, not with animals, but with the creature, standing on a step closer to humans - and how to know if only in appearance?
      Among the breeders sphynxes are put on the homozygous (carrying the hairless gene pair - hrhr) and heterozygous (carriers hr hairless gene in combination with gene re of devon rex) groups. However, most owners proudly declare that their sphynxes – are the real, meaning homozygous. In fact, even having a pedigree, which are completely absent the Devon rex genes, is in itself no guarantee of homozygotes. There’s no need to look at the pedigree to distinguish homozygous from heterozygous. Their appearance says everything, especially at birth: homozygous kittens are born completely bald, with no signs of any kind was wool, and later they have a coat on her nose (but only on the nose, it does not go on the face!), fine wool growing on the top half of the ears and that’s all! Heterozygous sphynxes are always born with hair on many parts of their body (such as croup). Hair may go down after 1-2 weeks, and in later life to distinguish homozygous from heterozygous sphynxes will be very difficult, but as an adult coat may appear again, usually in proportion to the amount that had kitten at birth.

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    Candy (Thursday, 20 July 2023 12:07)

    How much is adoption. I live in Buffalo New York. 716-208-4887 candyhook@ymail.com